Jobless Recovery

Monday, October 24, 2011

How is it a Recovery Without Jobs?

My dad is a World War II vet, a great American, who took himself from an eighth grade education to founding his own plumbing company that he ran successfully for more than 50 years. My dad is also blunt and outspoken. My mom accuses him of being tactless. But you know what? At least with Dad, he not only speaks the truth, he knows the difference between a lie and the truth. Even now, as the memories fade, and Dad sometimes experiences confusion, he knows the truth.

That's why when politicians and news announcers smirk into the camera and tell us to cheer up at the good news because we're experiencing a jobless recovery, Dad doesn't cheer up. His reaction goes more like this: "Well." He rears back in his chair. Then he makes a pig snorting sound and slowly shakes his head. "Bunch of damn liars took over the news and the government. Just how the hell is it any kind of recovery when people have no jobs?"

That's what I'm wondering. And from what I hear from my friends, a lot of other people are wondering the same thing. 

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